Who We Are

McGaric Technology Corporation is a long established company with a team of experienced and dedicated IT professionals that specialises in delivering high-quality IT solutions to companies who demand excellence. From our early beginnings in 2000 as a growing independent technology services company to today, McGaric Technology Corporation has the knowledge and skills to take your business forward and assists in managing your company’s IT needs by enabling productivity through technology infrastructure.

In combining our diverse experience in the Information Technology Industry, we offer broad spectrum solutions with strong emphasis on professionalism to clients in various business sectors.

With this intrinsic philosophy and a team of proficient experts our client base rapidly grew and McGaric Technology Corporation is now a well recognised reseller and support provider.

A Team of Highly Skilled Professionals

We provide a wide range of services designed to ensure that the client’s computer network is implemented without any difficulty. This includes commissioning of local and wide area networks, remote access, virtual private networks, storage area networks and network-attached storage.